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A list of awards, grants and educational resources for both professional and aspiring photojournalists or documentary photographers.


A list of awards, grants and educational resources for both professional and aspiring photojournalists or documentary photographers.

MAY 2017

Neutral Density Photography Awards

For both professional and amateur photographers. Deadline is May 14.

Apply to Global Campus Visual Contest

Open to all, professional and amateur, regardless of age, sex or nationality. Theme: Memory and Reconciliation. Deadline June 30.

Apply to the Eddie Adams Workshop

For students or professionals with <3 years of experience. Fee $45, Deadline May 31.

Grants for Women

2 new grants: $5k for established authors, 3X $2.5K for emerging ones. Deadline May 20.

Canon Female Photojournalist Award 2017

For female photojournalists reporting on social, economic, political or cultural subjects. €8,000 award. Deadline: May 17.

World Report Award

The Festival Of Ethical Photography calls for submissions on five categories. Master Award is €6,000. Deadline: May 9.


Open for submissions from photographers under 31 on the theme: “History, Story, Narrative”. Deadline June 1.

Apply to the Camille Lepage Award 2017

€8,000 prize. Apply before May 16. For photojournalists reporting on a social, political or cultural story.

2017 CDS Lange-Taylor Prize

For artists involved in extended, ongoing fieldwork projects that rely on the interplay of words and images. Deadline: May 15. 10,000$.

Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017

€2,000 cash prize for the winner of the photojournalism category and €10,000 for overall winner. Deadline: May 31.

Getty Editorial Grant

5 available $10,000 prizes. Deadline is May 15.

BJP’s Breakthrough Awards

Open for entries for undergraduate & graduate photographers. Deadline 8 May.

Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography

$35,000 grant. $50 fee. Deadline is May 31.

Nordic Storytelling Workshop

‘Visual storytelling and beyond’ – Workshop at Ostrobothnia, Finland, on 23-27 May. Organised by A. Taylor Lind & Rebecca Simons.

APRIL 2017

About Cross-Platform Storytelling

Visual documentary producer and curator Liza Faktor on developing photographic stories across different media.

The New Orleans Advocate is looking for a full-time Photojournalist

FULL TIME JOB OFFER Deadline to apply is April 9.

Visual Storytelling in New Media

Summer masterclass at CAMERA, Torino, organised in collaboration with the ICP. Application Deadline April 30. Taught in English.

Discover the SVA Youtube channel

Access tons of educational resources from one of the top visual arts colleges. Specially this playlist.

Apply to the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2017

Apply before April 10. Theme: The relationship between man and the environment.

CPJ Safety Advisory: Covering Protests in Venezuela

Local and international journalists covering the protests have been attacked, beaten, arrested and sprayed with tear gas, and have had their equipment confiscated and stolen.

Intensive Documentary Photography Course

A 3-week documentary course from Magnum Photos and London College of Communication

7 with VII: All about gear

Read for gear advice from VII’s Ron Haviv, Sim Chi Yin, Ashley Gilbertson, Arthur Bondar, Ed Kashi, Poulomi Basu & Sarker Protick.

7 Photojournalism Tips by Damir Sagolj

[VIDEO] Reuters Pictures’ Damir Sagolj shares seven ideas on how to shoot news photos that engage audiences and tell a great story.

Creating a safe environment for freelancers

4 WPP contest winners to share their thoughts about what goes into creating a sustainable and safe environment for freelancers.

Education Manager at WPP

The World Press Photo Foundation is looking for an Education Manager. Apply here.

A Lens on Syria, in London

Sergey Ponomarev’s A Lens on Syria is at the Imperial War Museum, London, 27 April to 3 September.

Photography Against The Grain

Read the classic collection of essays and photographs by theorist and filmmaker Allan Sekula.

MARCH 2017

Risk assessments for freelance journalists

Enroll in a free course to better evaluate threats and risks in hostile environments.

CPJ Special Report: The Best Defense

Resources to increase your safety through training in physical and digital security.

On the safety of journalists

UNESCO calls photographers to send a sample of their best photographs illustrating journalists while doing their job.

Food Sustainability Media Award

Cash prize of 10,000€ or a paid trip to a Thomson Reuters Foundation course on food sustainability.

Top 10 Schools for Visual Arts

College Magazine’s Pick of the 10 Best Schools for Visual Arts in the United States.

Organ Vida Call for Entries 2017

Theme: NEW CITIZENS! Fee is 30 €.

Apply to Native Agency’s Doc. Photo Festival

March 17th & 18th, Quito, Ecuador.

Scholarship: Social Media Images & Fake News

University of Sheffield. UK & EU. Deadline is 31 March.

Foreigner Exhibition Panel

Join Daniel Castro Garcia, author of ‘Foreigner’, and Alexander Betts, Director of the Refugee Studies Centre, to discuss migration in EU. Monday 10th April 7pm at TJ Boulting, London.

MIT Photojournalism Course

Download MIT’s ‘Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion’ course materials for free here.

2017 Visura Grant

$25K in grants.Focused on socio-cultural & political causes. Deadline April 3.

Call for entries - Magnum Photos Awards

Photographers working at all levels are eligible to participate. Deadline: May 16

An Illustrated Introduction to Europe for Migrants and Refugees

Written in Arabic, Farsi, English, and French, this collaborative and independent initiative is intended as an educational tool to inform, engage, and facilitate community exchange. Download the ebook.

Apply to the Inge Morath Award

$5,000 grant given to a female photographer under the age of 30. Deadline April 30.

Mike Davies On Editing Your Own Work

“If you can, let your final edit sit there for a week, and look at again. You’ll have fresh eyes.

LatAm Reporting Fellowships

IMWF calls for applications to their MexicoHonduras Reporting Fellowships Deadline: April 18.

Download Max Pinckers' work

The Belgian acclaimed photographer has put some of his books available to download.

Working with NGOs

Industry experts on the changing role of photography in advocacy & fundraising

PhotOn Festival

€12K in grants. International festival of photojournalism in Valencia, Spain.

Research Fellowship Program of the Canadian Photography Institute

Aimed to support research in the study of the history and criticism of photography.

Tips for Long-term Photographic Projects

5 lessons from Magnum and industry insiders

Pullitzer Center Hostile Environment Training

Training courses for up to 31 freelance journalists.

Digital perspectives from women journalists

Seminar on digital strategies for news. Texas & Mexico.


Enter the Photographic Museum of Humanity’s grant

£12,000 in cash prizes, Deadline 15 February, £30 entry fee

Wondering where to go to fund a new visual project?

Check out this list of grants assembled by the WPP

The DMJX, NOOR, and WPP’s Foundation

launch a new international diploma program for documentary photographers

Call for submissions

2017 Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award

Download Google’s Nik Collection

A photo software once retailed for 149$, for free

Donate to the ACLU

Get the British Journal of Photography’s Migration issue for free

Rory Peck Trust and the UN’s Democracy Fund announce

2-year programme for freelancers in Ukraine

Learn to select, sequence and publish visual stories

with James Estrin, Elizabeth Krist, Paul Moakley and Kerri MacDonald – 600$

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